Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

This is the last blog post of the year, everybody! We've got a brand new team, and I think this was the best project of the year. On my team is the amazing Viora, Mikaila, and Cate. If you haven't already seen the video, (which you should have) the song we chose is HALL OF FAME by THE SCRIPT. We chose this video because we saw a bunch of opportunities where we could show each of us failing at something, then accomplishing it at the end. Also, it's a very inspirational song, saying that as long as you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

Basically, our storyline goes like this - In the beginning, all of us are failing at all the things we could be good at if we try and believe in ourselves. First, Mikaila falls off her body board and washes up on the shore. Then, I shoot a basketball, miss, the ball hits the rim, and it hits me in the face. Third, Cate is in a race against me, and she eats my dust, trips, and falls. From that shot, we pan toViora drawing a terrible drawing then crumpling up and throwing it away. This part is when the song is saying things like we could be the greatest if we try and dedicate ourselves. Towards the end, we all start to become champions at all the things we were failing at, and the lyrics of the video begin to say that we are champions, leaders, and the best ever.

Unlike most of my other projects, I didn't have much difficulty with my team in things like communication, where to meet up, etc. We were pretty solid on those kinds of matters. Throughout the year, our class as a whole has improved in using programs like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, etc. Cate and I showcased our achievements in this project by using Final Cut Pro. We edited the entire music video and rearranged the film to match the beat of the song. Since we've been using this program all year long, we have learned how to apply different filters, slow the film or speed it up, and edit the levels of volume, thanks to the help of Mr. Sanderl. The Photoshop editors, on the other hand, are the amazing Mikaila and Viora. They were the ones who made the band poster, which is shown in the beginning of our video. They have learned how to make cutouts, apply filters to the backgrounds, add texts, and use layer effects. We were able to manage our time wisely and I think this has been a great learning experience all year in the G.T. program with Mr. Sanderl.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Our new project is a movie trailer, every body! This is a group project, and on my team is Miranda DuarteMalia Alo, and Anaya Alameida. Our movie trailer title is "Still Here". This is a "horror story" about a girl named Malia
 who comes to a disagreement with her best friend, Miranda. Malia thinks that she is being followed, but Miranda insists that Malia isn't. Miranda storms off in a fit and Malia goes off in the other direction. The next day, no one sees Malia at school or at home. Everyone, including Miranda's friends, Ella and Anaya think that Miranda may have killed Malia because of their earlier argument. Determined to prove them wrong, Miranda looks through some files that she steals from the library. But she finds out that Malia was never dead in the first place.

We had some big struggles throughout the process of creating our trailer. Our biggest challenge probably was meeting up, because my teammates are pretty busy people. There would be one day that we all would agree to meet up, but then one crucial character would be needed elsewhere. Also, when we met up for a second time, our file turned out to be a BDMV file which we couldn't import to Final Cut Pro X. However, Miranda and I were able to mach the audio with the film (since we were using the ADR method). It actually looked as if the film was talking like we didn't take the audio out in the first place. You'll understand if you already watched the trailer.

Honestly, I think that our group could have done better in the process of making our movie trailer. We were critiqued on 1.) how well the audience was captivated by our trailer, 2.) the creativity of our idea in general, and 3.) the requirements we needed to meet (90 seconds to 2 minutes long, resolution, etc.) With the results to the right, it looks like we received a 2/3 in this project. One thing I learned was that when you are importing a BDMV file to final cut pro, it needs to be in a different folder in your Finder in order to be imported. Also, the key part in making anything happen is communication. Next time, we will need to have stronger communication skills. However, I think we still had a great experience as a team and while making this project.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Our project goal was: Following the Project Rubric, all students will join Metamorphosis Animation Teams & pitch their 2 best focus statements & story ideas. Next, complete a collaborative Production Plan & Storyboard before producing their 1-2 minute animated movie including 5 scenes, 15 shots, sound effects,  and a custom soundtrack. In other words, our project goal was to make a stop-motion animation film about change through the process of metamorphosis. My team members are  Sophia Ibanez, Stephanie Aguinaldo, and myself. I chose them to be in my team because they are both 8th graders and they know more about animation than I do. We used a variety of stop-motion types including flip-book, a freeware (free software) called Flip-a-Clip, and 3-D Claymation (physical stop motion). To  put all
of our animation types together, we used Imovie.

For our animation project, we had to come up with a focus statement, or the title of our story. Our focus statement was "Krystal Meets Friends". We had five scenes that were compiled into a 53-second movie. For scene one, Krystal is looking all sad when her mom gives her a caterpillar that she names Joshua. In scene two, Joshua eats, sleeps, and turns into a chrysalis. After a while, Joshua turns into a butterfly and Krystal has to let him go. Scene three is just a bridge scene where Krystal comes home from school and sees something flying towards her. In scene four, she sees that the thing is Joshua and he gives her a gardenia. As she smells it, golden light surrounds her. In the end scene, scene five,  Krystal turns into a butterfly and flies with Joshua past the horizon, "into" the sun.                                                             

 This past Tuesday,  we viewed our animation critique and  I was thoroughly surprised by the outcome. We used to vote who had the greatest metamorphosis animation video. There were four categories that were in the criteria: 1: Clarity&Understanding, 2: Characters, Props &Backgrounds, 3: Creativity, Originality&execution, and 4):  Overall Animation. For some reason, even though our video was 7 seconds short, had no dialogue, and had one frame that was 4 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds, we managed to be elected the greatest video out of the class. I don’t know what everyone was thinking, but I’m glad they liked our video!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I believe that there are six universal facial expressions. They show disgust, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, and surprise which psychological research has proven. Four of them actually, are negative emotions. On a site about these expressions, it explains how facial expressions can be generalized by studying the facial muscles on somebody's face. These facial muscles are called the linear and sphincter muscles.

Our project was to create a low poly portrait which is a design process for modeling graphics quickly and efficiently using simple 3-5 sided shapes. First, you have to take your picture and then place it into Photoshop.Then, you have to create an outline of triangles. (It does not have to be completely detailed because this is low poly, not high poly.)  When you're finished making the triangles, it's time to begin using the polygonal lasso tool. All you have to do is click on each point where you think the triangle will look best. After each triangle, you have to fill it with color. What this does is it fills the selected area with one color and gives the image a "flatter" look. This process may take a long time, but it will pay off in the end to have your perfect low poly portrait. When you're finished doing this, you can customize your portrait, or you can leave it the way it is.

The first low poly portrait that we made was taken with a low resolution camera using Photobooth from our computers. It was supposed to be symmetrical so we only had to do half of the face. When it was finished, one half had the outline and triangles showing and the other side just showed the low poly image. The second picture we took was of someone else and was taken with a higher resolution camera.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

The most common way I interact with nature is when I am playing outside. I’m usually running in the grass, climbing trees, or even rolling in dirt. Another way I bond with nature is when I take photographs.  I could be lying down on the ground, up in a tree, and sometimes underwater (of course, if the camera is water proof).  Poetry is another way I interact with nature.  When you write about something, you have to know all about it.  In this case, you need to know everything there is to know about nature.  The trees, the light, the morning dew, and the growth of the plants all have to be described through words.

All timelapses and slo-mos start out as raw footage.  Then, you can import your footage to any program, such as Final Cut Pro to edit your clips.  Final Cut Pro has a retime editor that can either speed up, slow down, or even reverse your clip.  When you are dealing with timelapses, you want to show how fast things are going (usually in the sky), so you would speed up your footage.  For a slo-mo, you want to stretch out your clip as much as possible to show every single detail that you recorded.

The most challenging part of this project would probably be recording my slo-mo of the butterfly flying off of the grass. This was my greatest challenge because I had to get close enough to the butterfly without scaring it off, and without making it too blurry but making sure that I was close enough to it so that the viewers could see it clearly.  Some times the weather wasn't right and the butterflies wouldn't come out, or sometimes, I got home too late to record them.  My favorite part was the editing of my clip because I got to see all of the changes from the original clips to what I changed them to.

In the critique, our videos were shown and a poll let the viewers vote what they thought of them.  I agree with their thoughts of having me one of the best videos because I spent a long time and effort in it. I was actually surprised at how much they liked my video, but I'm glad that they did. Many of my classmates did a very good job and have come a long way since the beginning of the year.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetic Sketch
In my opinion, poetry is a way to express one’s self. How they feel ( if they are happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.),the changes they are going through, and their accomplishments. It can be deeply descriptive or extremely vague to give the reader their own meaning to it. Poetry may be used to inspire readers and give them ideas of what to do with life.

Poetic Personal Statement

When I sit and wonder of what my future holds,
Photoshop Project

I try to think up ways of working to my goals.

How will my life treat me, helping people near me?

Playing tunes for them to hear, creating art as a career.

Through hard work and many trials, going for that extra mile!

Now you see that I can be the very best of KMS.

I used rhythm by first thinking about how my poetic personal statement should flow.  Then, I added my two top goals, becoming a musician and an artist.  I also included how I am hard-working and determined to be the best. The way I thought these would melt together best was through this poem.  Using rhyme is a very useful thing in poetry because it captures the reader's attention with repetition of similar sounding words. Using Rhymezone, I could find words that sounded well together and had a good meaning to them.